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Your Productivity Shop

We are a one-stop-shop for your critical digital & IT needs. But we are not a simple software shop. Our background is in digitalising, automating and optimising business processes across the siloes covered by individual software packages. We strive to understand your business, both as of today, as well as of tomorrow, and bring to you the solutions that will meet your business needs, your budget, and your IT-savviness.

Interest in and Appreciation of your Business. And Hand-picked Partners

Five Valleys Systems are a family-run business. Founders have partnered with the best IT solution providers that they have met along their long and winding careers of transforming businesses, enabling them to grow, focus on what they do best, and increase productivity.

You will work with people that will strive to understand your business, your business model, the opportunities and the risks ahead of you. You will work with people that actually understand salespeople, accountants, and the other strange lot beyond the boundaries of IT department. Because they actually were in their shoes themselves.

Getting you started
Getting you smarted
By drawing on our extensive experience on IT and transformation projects
In businesses, small and large,
And those growing from micro to large.

Start-ups: turn-key infrastructure

For start-ups, we offer turn-key IT infrastructure.
Save yourself the boring job of searching for the right solutions, signing up for services, and installing all the software. Once we do all of that for you, you can either take over if you are an IT-savvy DIY-er (but we will still select the tools that will save your time), or you can also let us or our partners handle the ongoing administration as well.
Have your e-mail, a website, a CRM system, Office applications etc. all ready for you to go on with the real business.

Thinking about a start-up? We can also provide company formation services.

Small Businesses: make room for growth

Smaller businesses can often get bogged down by the “digital paperwork”. We have first-hand experience (not only as external consultants) with growing businesses of sizes ranging from 1 to several 1,000 employees. We can help you identify your “next-step” opportunities to cut out the unnecessary and demoralising work and increase your productivity. You have smarter work to do.

While we work with the small, we also work for the large, and we understand your future challenges.

Corporates: reinvigorate your processes and structure

If you are a large corporation, you might be surprised what an impact a more modern, a better, or simply a better-implemented ERP or a CRM system can have. We have partners that have delivered transformational enterprise-level solutions. Reinvigorate your business and get rid of the chains of your existing systems.

You don’t ever want to hear “we can’t do that because our systems are not setup for that kind of business”.

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