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Let’s get you started – company formations in the UK or overseas

Your first step

We can provide support and take significant administrative burden off your shoulders from the very first step.

Company formation in the UK is a quick and simple process. However, it is a good idea to plan in advance for the steps going beyond simply registering with the Companies House.

You will have obligations after you form a company.

  • You may need to register with various government and professional bodies, depending on your industry and activities. When you start trading, you will need to register with HMRC for Corporate tax. You may need to (or want to) register for VAT. Companies dealing with consumers are likely to have to register with the Chief Information Officer (CIO).
  • You will also need to keep various company records (such as accounting records).
  • And you will need to produce various reports.


Amongst other intial formalities, opening a bank account is what most companies will need to do. It will take about a month, or even longer if your ownership structure is complex. It is good to know about the alternatives if you need to be able to send and receive money quickly.

Even though the UK is a global financial hotspot, international banking can be somewhat cumbersome and expensive if you are a smaller company.

 Open an account with TransferWise to:

  • Start receiving payments within days, in multiple currencies.
  • Enable your customers in the UK, Europe and the US pay you in their local currencies and to your local account with their local bank.
  • Save on foreign exchange margins when you need to translate foreign currency to Sterling.

Website and eCommerce

After you have a bank account sorted, a website and ecommerce are often the next challenge.

WebPro Online Marketing & Social Media Solutions

Smart-DIY Website

Complex company formations

We work with solicitors in Bristol on complex formations.

They are specialised in smaller and international businesses.

We like them as they are able to explain daunting legal matters in a language easily understood by a typical entrepreneur.

International company formations

We welcome international investors and have special facilities for investors from China, Slovenia and Croatia.

We can also help with outbound investments to those territories.

In collaboration with our partners, we can offer complete service to Chinese investors looking to either establish a UK presence for their existing business, or to form a start-up. We also run a dedicated portal for Slovenian investors.

Easy-to-manage, low-cost gate to global markets and investors

A company in the UK is easy to form, and can provide simplicity of doing business and low cost of administration. A UK establishement will also provide you with an excellent access to worldwide markets and investors.

You may also be able to draw upon various government grants and other incentives if for example your business is high-tech, innovative, or invests in research and development.

Did you know?

Bristol is a high-tech hub of the UK. 

Bristol & Bath have the largest concentration of silicon designers outside of Silicon Valley. According to the Tech Nation 2016 report, Bristol & Bath is also the most productive UK tech cluster, with £296,340 of sales per worker, ahead of London with £205,390.

Bristol offers a diverse support infrastructure to high tech start-ups. Below is just a sample of some:


Engine Shed

Bristol & Bath Science Park

Quantum Technology Enterprise Centre

Bristol Robotics Laboratory

And the infrastructure is also constantly evolving. At the time of writing, another incubator is to start soon, to support company incubation and investment within Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR and AR):

Bristol VR Lab

Even just next door to our headquarters in Stroud, there is a plan to build a huge industrial park dedicated to green technology businesses, together with a world’s first wooden football stadium. The 100-acre development is to create 4,000 jobs.

International company formations for UK businesses and entrepreneurs

Thinking about forming a company overseas?

We can help with our international experience and a network of partners covering China, Slovenia and Croatia in particular.

Get in touch and let’s create a great future together.


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